New Privateer Press Black Anchor Piece, The Shrine Of The Lawgiver Now Available

June 20, 2018 by brennon

Privateer Press has added another new piece to their Black Anchor collection. If you pre-order the new Shrine Of The Lawgiver piece before July 9th then you also get...wait for it...a Black Anchor branded oven mitt!

Shrine Of The Lawgiver Protectorate Exemplar Structure - Privateer Press

No, seriously, if you pick up this model from Privateer Press this month you'll get yourself an oven mitt...probably for carrying this big piece around...oh, and getting your food out of the oven. Anyway, the team at Privateer Press has also put together a piece on using this massive structure in your games, and it really is huge.

Shrine Of The Lawgiver (Scale) - Privateer Press

One of the characters that will most benefit from this tower and can use it to her advantage in battle is the Warcaster, High Exemplar Cyrenia.

High Exemplar Cyrenia - Privateer Press

Some words from Privateer Press...

"Cyrenia, the newest addition to the Exemplar stable, is a defensive warcaster that benefits greatly from the Shrine’s Vault of the Faithful rule. Returning destroyed Cinerators to play that are under the effect of Inviolable Resolve, Shield Wall, and the defensive benefits of a Rock Wall make them very difficult targets for enemy attacks. And should your Cinerators survive, your Knights Exemplar will very likely have casualties that your Shrine can help mitigate."

If you'd like to find out more about the tactics behind the structure and how it would work alongside the rest of your Protectorate forces, make sure to check out the article HERE.

Do you need a new oven mitt?

"Do you need a new oven mitt?"

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