Get Roleplaying In The Iron Kingdoms With Requiem Soon!

July 8, 2020 by brennon

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Privateer Press recently held their 20th Anniversary Keynote Stream which went into detail about a lot of what they have planned for their games. One of the elements that really caught my attention was the re-introduction of the Iron Kingdoms RPG with Reqiuem which uses the core rules and mechanics from 5th Edition.

Iron Kingdoms Requiem - Privateer Press.jpg

Iron Kingdoms: Requiem // Privateer Press

This new take on the Iron Kingdoms RPG is going to take all of the best bits of the world of Immoren with its Warjacks, Steampunk technology and powerful magics and mix it together with the tried and tested mechanics of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. This should mean that Reqiuem is now more accessible than ever as pretty much everyone has played around with the classic d20 system once in their life.

As well as detailing all of the lore and background of the world of Immoren, you'll also find ways to make the unique characters that make up its rich tapestry. Of course, this also means the magic systems, classes, races and more!

This new roleplaying game twist is going to be coming to Kickstarter soon so keep an eye out for its release.

Catch Up On The Privateer Press Keynote

As well as the news about Iron Kingdoms: Reqiuem you can also catch up on the entire Keynote which went live recently.

This had plenty more information on what's happening across all of their game systems and we'll be going into more detail about that over the coming days. Additionally, you are also able to snap up a new miniature for this special occasion!

Stryker Archon - Privateer Press.jpg

Stryker Archon // Warmachine

This is an alternative sculpt for those wanting to dive in and build up collection!

"Those who bore witness to Coleman Stryker’s personal sacrifice during Cygnar’s last stand against Khador reported an unexplained flash of light at the moment of his passing. Now, as one of the greatest heroes of the Iron Kingdoms returns from Urcaen as an Archon to battle for humanity against the Infernal Claiming, Coleman Stryker’s ascension is confirmed."

Are you tempted to dive back into some roleplaying within the Iron Kingdoms and did anything else catch your eye from the Keynote?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Are you tempted to dive back into some roleplaying within the Iron Kingdoms and did anything else catch your eye from the Keynote?"

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