Warploque Let Loose A Goblin Warband On Patreon This Month

May 4, 2020 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures has fired up their Patreon this month and the first set of releases from them include a band of pesky looking Goblins. We chatted about this company as part of Indie Of The Week and we think their range is top-notch!

-5eafc2a508dd7--5eafc2a508dd9Goblin Warband - Warploque Miniatures.jpg

Currently, the collection of STL Files that you can download contains this merry little band. Much like with the rest of Alex Huntley's miniature range, you've got a nice mix of characterful figures who would make for a great skirmishing force on the tabletop.

Whilst the 3D sculpting angle is one that we'd not really seen Warploque Miniatures go down until now, I don't think any of the charm has been lost from these models. You can still see that same whimsical and slightly quirky edge across all of the sculpts from the range.

As well as the Goblins above, there is also a welcome pack of additional goodies available to Patreon backers.

Goblin Welcome Pack - Warploque Miniatures

As these are STL Files, you can print these off as many times as you like and make a nice selection of terrain. The theme would work really well alongside the Goblin warband above might even give you an excuse to put together a game where Goblin tribes are squaring up against each other for control of an underground empire.

Warploque Miniatures are also asking their Patreon backers what they'd like to see next and also feed into the design process as they work on new elements like mounted options for the Goblins!

What do you make of the new offerings from Warploque Miniatures and will you be backing their project?

"What do you make of the new offerings from Warploque Miniatures and will you be backing their project?"

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