Warploque Miniatures Preview What’s Next For ArcWorlde

November 24, 2020 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures has been previewing some of the new miniatures which will be popping up soon for ArcWorlde and beyond. There are some fascinating new Beastfolk on the way as well as a massive new monster too.

Beastfolk Goat Boy - Warploque Miniatures

Beastfolk "Goat Boy" // Warploque Miniatures

One of the first miniatures which have popped up is this wonderful and whimsical looking Goat Boy for the aforementioned Beastfolk. This takes the form of a classic Beastman that many will know from Warhammer Fantasy and beyond but with something a little more comical worked into the mix. He seems deadly in a dark comedy sense which is awesome to see.

As well as the Beastfolk, we also have this Wild Elf Warrior. One of the coolest things about these miniatures is that they hit that slightly "evil" Fae look that I love from my Elves.

Wild Elf Warrior - Warploque Miniatures

Wild Elf Warrior // Warploque Miniatures

The fae and fairy-looking Wild Elves that Warploque Miniatures have been working on are very tempting every time I see them. This fellow isn't quite finished yet as you can see but I think it gives you an excellent look at what's coming soon for this warband.

Finally, we also have the massive Swamp Wyvern which has been finished for use with your exploration of the wilderness.

Swamp Wyvern - Warploque Miniatures

Swamp Wyvern // Warploque Miniatures

There is something of the Swamp Dragon about this fellow which takes me back to my love of Discworld! I think this chap is going to be an exceptional project to paint running from ruddy browns and greens through to something more colourful with those mushrooms on top!

This is a neat preview of what's coming up from Warploque Miniatures!

"This is a neat preview of what's coming up from Warploque Miniatures!"

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