Unboxing: Hordes Grymkin – The Wicked Harvest Core Box Set

July 21, 2017 by dignity

Let your childhood nightmares reign truthful as we unbox this spooky new faction from Privateer Press for Hordes.

Unboxing: Hordes - Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest Core Box Set

The Grymkin: Wicked Harvest set is a sight for sore eyes, with creepy crawlies standing tall in suits, pumpkin heads scouring the lands for lost souls for reaping and the alluring tree that tempts your deepest desires, this is a sure set for the maniacal player of WarmaHordes.

While the box set does NOT include any cards, you can still download your own by clicking here or downloading the War Room app on your tablet devices.

Are you ready to haunt the tabletop?

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