What’s In The Box: Wild West Exodus – Legendary Raven Spirit

January 30, 2019 by dracs

Among the people of the Warrior Nation of Wild West Exodus, one chief most embodies the spirit of his people. Literally!

I cracked open the box to take a look at the miniature of the Legendary Raven Spirit.

The Components

The Legendary Raven Spirit is a large resin miniature and as such, I was surprised by how few components there were to it.

The main body, by which I mean that of Chief Raven Spirit and his looming ghostly compatriot, is a single piece. The other parts being the spirit's hands and head, the footprint of the model where it attaches to the base, and the two staffs wielded by Raven Spirit himself.

I was surprised by how clean the resin sculpt was. There was very little excess flash, and what there was could be easily cleaned away with a hobby knife.

The larger components fit together fairly well once the excess resin had been removed. However, there were still some notable gaps left over. Whether this is due to the sculpt itself or my relative inexperience working with resin (I prefer plastic and metal models in general) I can't say, but the application of a little green stuff should easily smooth this over.

The spirit stuck together pretty easily. Raven Spirit's staffs on the other hand...

I had set myself an hour to make the model. About half of that was spent swearing at those damn things to stick on properly!

Again, a lot of this may be put down to personal error and in the end, I was left with a pretty epic model.

Put It Together And What Have Ya Got?

The final sculpt may be one of my favourites that I have seen from Wild West Exodus.

The way that the spirit flows around Raven Spirit, creating a great, framing effect that simultaneously gives an otherwise static sculpt a lot of dynamic movement.

Having said that, it does look a little generic. The chief himself has a bit of a dull stance, while the humanoid figure with the massive claws reminds me of other such spirit designs I have seen.

Perhaps something more in keeping with his name could have been cool, making it appear as a ghastly, spiritual raven. But then this is supposed to be the spirit of a long dead warrior so it makes sense to keep its more human manifestation.

Overall, the model is excellent. The resin is a little brittle, but shows off the detail of the sculpt well, with the face of the spirit being particularly well-realised. I would love to see what sort of lighting effects people can play with when painting this thing up.

Let us know your thoughts on this legendary chief of the Warrior Nation in the comments.

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