Warcradle Show Off WWX Posse Additions For October Pre-Orders

October 3, 2017 by thisisazrael

Wild West Exodus Second Edition is charging ahead full steam and Warcradle Studios have shown off a ton of new "Hands" for their October pre-orders!

The Enlightened Abomination Widowers are able to climb to unexpected vantage points on the battlefield to make the best use of their deadly Reaper Rifles.

Their spider-like mechanical legs are a sight that strikes fear into even the bravest of warriors.

Enlightened science empowers the Abomination Seekers to speed across the wastelands using RJ powered engines.

This means they can waste no time in getting up close to their enemies and dishing out the violence their dull brains enjoy with blade and pistol.

This new box for WWX will give you five Rebel Scouts but also five Dixie Sniper Miniatures.

The Dixie Snipers love to use surprise assaults and cover to their advantage while utilising their juiced rifles to take out enemies at range.

The Rebel Scouts, on the other hand, prefer to get up close and personal with their tomahawks and pistols while ambushing their foes.

The Warrior Nation also have a treat with a box of Brave hunters and Youngbloods.

The Brave Hunters carry long ranged weapons while the Youngbloods utilise long blades to embrace their glorious war.

I'm really excited to see all the factions in WWX getting some more unit boxes and it'll be really interesting to see how players decide to build their Posses.

I'm curious to see how important a strong mix of melee and ranged troops will be versus going heavily one direction or the other.

You can check out all the pre-order box sets here.

What do you think of these WWX Hands?

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