Executioners & The Shadowy Nasier Come To Wrath Of Kings

May 2, 2017 by brennon

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The world of Wrath of Kings get some new warriors this month as we look to the Goritsi and the Nasier this time around. Snarling and hulking Moonclave Executioners lead the way...

Goritsi Moonclave Executioners

Let's find out more about this particular duo...

"Hailing from the Moonclave sept from the far northern parts of Telloria, the Executioners are masters of finishing off foes already wounded by others on their army.

Armed with hooked chains for dragging in their victims, the Executioners polish them off with massive cleavers just perfect for removing heads."

The models for this pair are looking fantastic. I'm a big fan of anything that looks remotely like a were-creature, especially wolves and bears, so this pair hit all the right notes. The sculptor here has done well to get the proportions matching up, as this can usually be a problem with werewolves in particular.

In-game these Executioners are used for finishing off your targets. Have them hang back behind another unit and then let them dash in to deliver the killing blow.

What We Do...

...in the shadows is we turn our attention to the Nasier and their Shadow Veils.

Nasier Shadow Veils

"The Sarvoth Shadow-Veil masks, made by the Sarvoth temple in Qel Sallum, are relatively new and quite rare. Despite this rarity, they have been hailed for the incredibly high success rate for bonding with applicants.

The masks not only strengthen the warriors and improve their stamina, but they also confer the ability to cast minor illusions, such as distractions that allow the Shadow-Veils to step away from engagements and strike for other angles."

The aesthetic for the Nasier once again gets a shift into a new style and it looks awesome. You can really see the comic book look that pervades the artwork translated into miniature form. It'a also neat to see women of a larger size represented here as usually with a miniature of this style they'd be decidedly lither!

In your games of Wrath of Kings, this pair would work as bodyguards for your high ranking units, watching their backs as you strike forward into enemy territory.

I quite like both of these sets but I reckon the Executioners won this month!

What about you?

"In-game these Executioners are used for finishing off your targets..."

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