Zenit Heading To Kickstarter With Namban Vs Wako Kensei Project

January 31, 2018 by brennon

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Expanding on the world of Kensei, Zenit Miniatures are heading to Kickstarter with two new forces. The Namban and Wako will push the narrative of Kensei in a new direction and you'll get a whole bunch of new models in the process.

Kensei- Namban Vs Wako

The Namban are foreign invaders who have landed on the shores of Hymukai and are hellbent on conquering and conflict. Inspired by Spanish Tercios and those who fought at the battle of Cagayan, they are a range of new models that look entirely different from your usual Kensei fare, bringing Europeans into the mix.

Namban Hero - Kensei

As you can see from the models they are looking awesome already, clad in their heavy metal armour and bringing black powder into the mix as well as weapons of choice.

Namban Swordsman - Kensei

I'm already liking the dynamic direction they're going down with the Namban and I look forward to seeing more of their regiments on the tabletop too. You could imagine a wall of muskets facing down the charging Samurai.

Piratical Warriors

Matched against them in this campaign, we have Wako. This is a fierce army of Japanese Pirates who have terrorised the coasts of Hymukai but now find themselves arrayed against a new foe.

Wako Hero - Kensei

They are looking to push their conquests inland, beyond the ports and harbours, to claim more riches.

Wako With Nagamaki - Kensei

They are wild and dangerous, completely at odds with the more regimented look of the Namban that we've seen here in the preview. I imagine they favour ambushes and stabbing people in the back to a straight up fight.

The Kickstarter will focus on these two factions as well as a new book Kensei: The Awakening which will contain rules and expanded fluff for these warriors.

You will also get more models to not only boost your Kensei force but also your Torii warbands too. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing what Fantasy elements they can throw in here alongside the Historical!

Are you going to be keeping an eye out for this?

"The Namban are foreign invaders who have landed on the shores of Hymukai and are hellbent on conquering and conflict..."

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