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Zenit Bring The Big Guns & Their Engineers To Kensei


Zenit Miniatures has a range of new releases, most of them focused towards immense firepower, dropping this month for Kensei and Torii. Take a peek at some of these hefty guns…

Mounted Warriors & The Undead Strike For Zenit’s Kensei


Zenit Miniatures continue to build on their world of Kensei this month with another range of releases which look into their undead fantasy forces in the game.

3 Colours Up: Painting Freehand Family Crest


PlastCraft Games Exclusive! New Color-ED Kensei Terrain Available Soon!


Design yourself an awesome fishing village using the new ColorED terrain coming in April from PlastCraft Games.

Thundering Cavalry & Cunning Spies Released For Kensei & Torii


First up from Zenit Miniatures for both Kensei and Torii, their two awesome tabletop games, we have the Ji Samurai.

Zenit Heading To Kickstarter With Namban Vs Wako Kensei Project


Expanding on the world of Kensei, Zenit Miniatures are heading to Kickstarter with two new forces.

New Spectral Swordsmen & A Cunning Geisha For Zenit’s Kensei


Zenit Miniatures look towards some new releases for the end of January. This means more deadly looking undead and a cunning killer too for both Kensei and Torii.

The Dead & Demons Shamble Into Zenit’s Kensei This Winter


A selection of new and interesting miniatures are going to be available this December from Zenit Miniatures for the fantastical samurai world of Kensei and Torii.

Weekender XLBS: What Can You Do When Your Game Dies?


Tales of death abound for 3D printers and games alike.

Shambling Undead & Haunting Spirits From Zenit For Torii & Kensei


Zenit Miniatures are looking at some new releases for this month adding to the horror and fantasy within the world of Kensei & Torii.

Kogen Leads The Way For The Undead Samurai Of Kensei & Torii


Kogen has been previewed over on social media by Zenit Miniatures for your games of Kensei and Torii. See what you make of him, almost ready to be painted…

Weekender: Chaos Space Marine & Grey Knight Codex Chatter With GW’s Jes Bickham


Join us for some awesome tabletop goodness this weekend!

Zenit Reveal Strange Magical Beasts For Torii & Kensei


Zenit Miniatures has revealed some new creatures from the darkness to throw into the mix when it comes to their games of Torii & Kensei.

Zenit’s Japanese Undead Army Starter Available Now


Zenit Miniatures are adding more to their Kensei and Torii collection with a new set allowing you to get started in their world. Here we have the Undead Army shambling forth to seek revenge.

Zenit Miniatures’ Kensei Kickstarter Begins May 12th


Zenit Miniatures has now dated and timed the launch of their Kensei Kickstarter which will bring a revamped rulebook and mechanics to the game.

Zenit’s Kensei Gets Renewed With New Rulebook Coming Soon


In May the folks at Zenit Miniatures will be hitting Kickstarter with their new edition of Kensei, dropping you into a world of Historical and Fantastical Samurai battling on the tabletop.

Snap Up The Stealthy Hattori Army Box For Zenit’s Kensei & Torii


The team at Zenit Miniatures has announced another Army Box for you to snap up, collecting together a whole bunch of characters for both Kensei and Torii. See what you think of the Hattori Clan.

PlastCraft Games’ Color-ED Fukei Terrain Collection Grows!


PlastCraft continues to grow their ColorED range of terrain which includes a selection of pre-coloured pieces for a variety of games. The latest crop is for the Fukei Japanese line!

New Warriors & A Ravaged Village For Zenit’s Torii & Kensei


Zenit Miniatures has previewed what lies ahead for the worlds of Kensei and Torii this month with a host of new releases.

Weekender XLBS: Christmas Hobby Time Plans & A Yeti Mystery!


Join us for a nice relaxed morning
(or whenever you hope to be watching!)
of XLBS with us. It’s time to dive into
some great hobby discussion and more…

Kensei & Torii Welcome New Undead From Zenit Miniatures


Zenit Miniatures has got a few new releases on the way this month which will help to bolster your forces in both Kensei and Torii.

The Shambling Samurai Undead Come To Zenit’s Kensei & Torii


Zenit Miniatures has put together a rather awesome selection of undead warriors for the world of Kensei and Torii. See what you make of this army of shambling Samurai!

A Creepy Kubajikiri Comes To Zenit’s Kensei


Zenit Miniatures have shown off another creepy addition to the world of Kensei where its Fantastical beasts mix with their Historical themed armies. Here we have the Kubajikiri!

Zenit Miniatures Release New Heishi & Ninja For Kensei


Zenit Miniatures have shown off the newest releases for the end of June and the beginning of July for Kensei.

Zenit Bolster The Forces Of Kensei & Torii With Keen Eyed Archers


Zenit Miniatures are added some more models to their range for both Kensei and Torii. Here we have two new sets including the Archers of the Yumi Sohei, and also the Yari Samurai…

The Starter Warbands Gather For Zenit’s Torii Skirmish Game


Zenit Miniatures have previewed the Starter Sets that will be coming out soon for their skirmish game, Torii. There are four factions to choose from each with their own twist to them away from just their primary colours…

Zenit Teases Us With Upcoming Torii Skirmish Game


Torii is coming this month so you have only, at the moment, two weeks to wait for this new game…

Latest Archers & Riders Pop Up From Zenit Miniatures For Kensei


Zenit Miniatures has given us a look at their new releases for Kensei.

Zenit Work On Undead Samurai Cavalry For Kensei


After a successful campaign on Kickstarter the Zenit Miniatures team have been working on the Undead Cavalry for use in their new army for Kensei. See what you think of their progress on these deadly riders…

The Oni Shape Up Nicely For Zenit’s Kensei Kickstarter


Zenit Miniatures have shared some of the images of how their Oni is shaping up for the Kensei Kickstarter which is entering it’s final few days. See what you think of the demon here that might find itself supporting their undead army…

An Undead Samurai General Mounts Up For Zenit’s Kensei


The Daisho Samurai has come together nicely for Zenit’s current Kickstarter Campaign to bring an Undead Samurai Army to Kensei. See what you make of him mounted atop his equally undead horse…

Kensei’s Undead Samurai Army Lurches Onto The Tabletop


Zenit Miniatures have popped up on Kickstarter with another big campaign to bring a Fantasy army to the world of Kensei.

PlastCraft Games’ Japanese Village Kensei Terrain Now Available


PlastCraft Games have now released their new Designed For Kensei range of terrain which includes a whole range of normal buildings as well as more important focal points and wooden structures…

Undead Archers Herald The Kensei Kickstarter Coming Soon


Zenit have shown off some more of the sculpting going on before they launch the Kickstarter for a new wave of models for Kensei, their Japanese miniatures wargame. They are once again giving it a Fantastical twist with the likes of these Undead Archers…

Zenit Hints At Offerings For Their Upcoming Kickstarter For Kensei


Zenit Miniatures is going to Kickstater later this month and they have been giving us hints to what will be included.

New Demons Are Manifesting In Zenit’s Kensei Soon


Zenit Miniatures have been showing off some of the new demons that are in the works for Kensei. It looks like they are returning to Kickstarter soon with a whole new range of models. Here we have the Jikirinkis…

Undead Samurai Stalk Into Zenit’s World Of Kensei


Keeping up the theme of Kensei and their Samurai world today we have another look at what’s coming out soon from Zenit. This work-in-progress sculpt shows off an upcoming Undead Samurai…

Plast Craft Head To Feudal Japan With Next Color-ED Range


Plast Craft Games have gone back in time to Feudal Japan with their latest range of Color-ED Terrain. Designed with Kensei in mind this set of pre-painted terrain will focus on bringing Japan to life for 28mm to 35mm ranges…

The World Of Kensei Welcomes Peasant Warriors & Assassins


Zenit have another round of releases coming for the end of October and the beginning of November. They have headed to the fields and sent the call out for the people of the land to come to their aid with the Kuro and more besides…

Ride Into Battle With New Kensei Cavalry By Zenit


Zenit Miniatures have shown off their releases for the month with a focus on Kensei and some new cavalry options. These white clad warriors are charging into battle with deadly voulge style weapons ready to slice and dice as well as spears to pin you down…

Zenit Join Forces With AK Interactive For Samurai Painting Set


Zenit are going to be joining forces with AK Interactive to produce a themed Samurai Painting Set for painting their range of miniatures for Kensei. This comes at just the right time as they’re working on a new rules set called Torii and I’m sure many people are ready to get figures onto the tabletop…

Zenit Planning Feudal Japanese Skirmish Game Torii


Zenit have plans to use their existing Kensei range for a skirmish level tabletop game that has been christened Torii. We don’t know much about it now but it looks like it’s going to draw on their range of models which has been steadily growing over the past few years…