European Settlers Invade Zenit’s Worlds Of Kensei & Torii

October 2, 2018 by brennon

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The Europeans have found their way to the Far East and begun their invasion of the lands where games of Kensei and Torii are fought out. This new range of Spanish fighters is looking for land and riches far beyond the borders of the Old World.

Capitan Coracero - Zenit Miniatures

Led by Capitan Coracero these swashbucklers are on the warpath and the factions of Kensei might end up having to band together to stop these invaders who bring with them a lot more firepower and heavier armour.

Zenit Miniatures has produced a range of different characters to lead your various regiments into battle with the likes of the Sergeant Major who is looking very stern indeed...

Sergeant Major - Zenit Miniatures

...and this fellow, the Field Master, who has also brought his little dog along for the ride. You could see all of these folks being very grim and grizzled, almost a little piratical!

Field Master - Zenit Miniatures

Finally, for the more martial characters, we have the Constable who will be enforcing order amongst the ranks and making sure that your soldiers advance properly up the field.

Constable - Zenit Miniatures

Of course, when your soldiers travel far and wide around the world you're going to need someone to keep the fires of faith brewing within the hearts of your soldiers. That's where Father Constantin comes in, holding the good book at the ready.

Father Contantin - Zenit Miniatures

I really like the sculpting touch here where Constantin has gone out and found himself some bamboo to make his cross out of.

Whilst, of course, the focus of the range is to bring a new faction into the world of Kensei I could see folks using these models in plenty of their other games too.

Iron & Smoke

As well as these characters you'll also find some new units available to buy from the Zenit Miniatures webstore. All of these fellows are looking rather awesome indeed and I like the way that Zenit have had these sculpted, full of action and very fittingly swashbuckler-esque, especially when it comes to these Swordsmen!

Swordsmen - Zenit Miniatures

You can see this with the Rodeleros who are charging forward into battle too, clad in their heavy armour.

Rodeleros (Alt) - Zenit Miniatures

We also have some more firearms for your forces in Kensei to contend with. As is standard for forces of the period we have a set of Arquebusiers who are all getting ready to pick off targets at range. There are enough alternative sculpts here that if you arrayed them all differently in a regiment you'd have a unique looking set of soldiers.

Arquebusiers - Zenit Miniatures

We also have some Pikemen too.

Pikemen - Zenit Miniatures

I think someone should let that soldier on the top left of the image how to use his pike properly in battle. I wouldn't want to be standing next to him as we were advancing towards the enemy! Overall though I like that they've once again continued to explore this idea of dynamism in their soldiers, even those who would traditionally all be taking a more guarded stance.

What do you think?

"I like the way that Zenit have had these sculpted, full of action and very fittingly swashbuckler-esque..."

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