Kogen Leads The Way For The Undead Samurai Of Kensei & Torii

August 9, 2017 by brennon

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Kogen has been previewed over on social media by Zenit Miniatures for your games of Kensei and Torii. See what you make of him, almost ready to be painted...

Undead Samurai Character

He looks like he's going to lord over his fellow warriors, brought back to life by fell magics as he seeks revenge over the land of the living. I particularly like the idea of painting his flowing robes with glow effects to give him an ethereal look and then slowly work this up into a more realistic looking scheme the higher up you go.

Kogen would be a terrible foe to face I reckon and I think the stance reinforces his stature as a mighty warlord and leader.

What do you think?

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