Pirates & Bandits Rove The Lands Of Zenit’s Kensei

March 12, 2019 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures have shared some new releases for this month which expand on the factions in Kensei. Leading the way we have Dokan Umi No Akuma with twin guns, ready to lead his warriors into battle.

Dokan Umi No Akuma - Zenit Miniatures

You could imagine this fellow being quite the enigmatic leader, leaping from a hidden spot to strike at unsuspecting travellers. I love the addition of the mask to the miniature, giving him a more furious and dangerous look.

Following along from him we have another fellow with a rather big gun. Check out the Taiho-Zutsu Hero.

Taiho-Zutsu Hero - Zenit Miniatures

I don't think this gun would last very long if you weren't good at looking after it. It seems like it would be pretty dangerous for the owner as well as whoever ends up in front of it. The mask is probably there for protection as much as it is to scare his foes.

Lastly for their characters this month we have the Musician With Conch.

Musician With Conch - Zenit Miniatures

He will be making sure that your warriors are rallied and ready to fight at all times. He is a lot more heavily armoured compared to his fellows but then again he probably needs it. A cunning commander could target the musician of the enemy force in order to send them into disarray.

Bandits & Pirates

As well as these characters, two new units also got thrown into the mix. The first is a band of Bandits With Yari.

Bandits With Yari - Zenit Miniatures

If you end up going up against men and women on horses these would be a good addition to your force. Your soldiers are lightly armoured but they should be able to hold their own, no doubt fighting with spears for quite some time, becoming proficient with these stabbing weapons.

At range, you also have these Pirates With Teppo.

Pirates With Teppo - Zenit Miniatures

A bit of black powder can change the flow of a fight. No doubt stolen from some more well-meaning soldiers these pirates now have something to give them an edge in battle.

What do you think?

"I love the addition of the mask to the miniature, giving him a more furious and dangerous look..."

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