Kensei & Torii Welcome New Undead From Zenit Miniatures

December 12, 2016 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures has got a few new releases on the way this month which will help to bolster your forces in both Kensei and Torii.


Leading the way we have two strange creatures that have been summoned up from the depths for different reasons. First we have the Taisho above who long ago was probably a noble warrior, and now a servant of evil spirits.

He's joined by this terrifying creation...


The Tenome looks like the creature from Pan's Labyrinth but then again that was probably based on this eye-less fellow. Here's an account talking of the creature which makes you almost feel sorry for it...

"...some time ago in Echigo a blind man was killed by a bandit. Before death he saw a glimpse of the bandit's face. He came back as a monster with a strong grudge against his hands which failed to defend him, now with eyes capable of sight in the palms of his hands, yet none in his head as he was blind in life"

A terrible fate for the poor man and now he's wandering the roads looking for revenge!

Boxed Sets

Additionally there is also a set of boxes for the game featuring full units for you to use like the


Doro-Ta-Bo which is a selection of unfortunate undead fellows who are now shambling forth to tear into the living. They all have fascinating poses which give you the sense of them lurching forward.

The Ukuri-Inu then follow along as some strange hound-like beasts that will no doubt protect their masters with a bloodthirsty vengeance.


It's great to see the line-up continuing to grow with more models for the range. You should be able to find them all HERE soon.

What do you think of the offerings?

"A terrible fate for the poor man and now he's wandering the roads looking for revenge!"

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