PlastCraft Games Exclusive! New Color-ED Kensei Terrain Available Soon!

March 26, 2018 by brennon

PlastCraft has been previewing some more of their ColorED terrain which will be available in April. All of this terrain is designed for Kensei and their Fukei collection but it works for scales between 28mm and 32mm. Take a peek!

New Kensei Buildings #1 - PlastCraft Games

The new set brings together a wonderful fishing port scene which could be nestled along the side of a river or lake, or maybe even hugging the coastline. There are a number of different buildings and such within the set but we're starting with boats and the Oshiokuri-Bune.

Oshiokuri-Bune - PlastCraft Games

These ships were used for boarding actions when dropped into combat situations. However, they were also used by fishermen when they weren't needed for battle as the open sides made it easy for them to drag back in their nets.

Next up we look towards another boat very much more focused towards combat with the Sekibune.

Sekibune - PlastCraft Games

These ships were designed to be floating fortresses that could be used in clashes on open water. The protected sides allow them to get close to enemies without taking too much fire. From there they could launch assaults at larger boats and more.

Riverside Terrain

As well as the ships you'll need somewhere for them to dock and that's where this first terrain piece comes in with the Fishing Pier.

Fishing Pier - PlastCraft Games

It is a nice simple structure which branches out into the water and gives you a dynamic place to stage your skirmishes. As with everything in the ColorED range, it comes pre-coloured and ready to go once you've stuck it together. This makes it very handy for people getting into games for the first time.

I imagine it wasn't uncommon for a lot of the main force of a Japanese army to be camped out in these rural areas. Therefore the Ashigaru House would no doubt have been quite a common sight amongst the farmsteads and villages that dotted the countryside.

Ashigaru House - PlastCraft Games

It is a nice little building and it shows off some of the techniques that PlastCraft have been able to develop over the last year or so. We now get a lot more sunken areas and emphasised depth on these models. They could of course just be flat but they've gone to the trouble of making them feel a little more bespoke.

Next up on the building front, we have the Nomin House which would have been used by the farmers of the region. It is decidedly bigger than the Ashigaru house but would have most likely housed a lot of people.

Nomin House - PlastCraft Games

Once again, I know it's a small thing but it's neat to see the inset doorway and the stepping to the roof section which just pushes this terrain to the next level. I like that they've started to add some distressing and weathering to the buildings overall look as well which makes it feel more grounded.

Last but not least we have this Shed & Latrine combination. Everyone needs a place to store their fish and a place to go and relieve themselves. It certainly makes for a very interesting scenario when you think about it too!

Shed & Latrine - PlastCraft Games

I'm not sure that I'd put my loo so close to my storage! Either way, these kinds of buildings add a little more to the story that you're telling on the tabletop and make the settlement feel more believable.

In game terms, they also provide you with good places to duck for cover and surprise your enemies.

New Kensei Buildings #2 - PlastCraft Games

All of the terrain is going to be available from 3rd April over on their webstore so if you're getting into Kensei or indeed playing a lot of Test Of Honour, this could be a good start for your collection. You could set all of your scenarios around this village and make it integral to the unfolding campaign.

What do you think of this new collection?

"As with everything in the ColorED range, it comes pre-coloured and ready to go once you've stuck it together..."

"...if you're getting into Kensei or indeed playing a lot of Test Of Honour, this could be a good start for your collection"

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