Empire Of Katai Minis Invade Zenit’s Kensei

March 13, 2019 by dracs

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At the recent Hispania Wargame 2019 event, Zenit Miniatures brought along some of the models for their new faction in Kensei; the Empire of Katai.

The Empire of Katai are based upon the medieval dynasties of China, and as such are bringing their own technologies and weapons of war to the battlefield.

The Empire of Katai, fittingly for a force based on such a large nation, seem to be a rather eclectic army, with lots of different troop types and equipment on display.

They promise to be a very versatile force, while the models themselves will fit with both the fantasy world of Kensei and more historically focused games.

My eye was particularly caught by this.

Looks like the Empire of Katai are ready to set things off with a bang.

Does this look like the faction for you?

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