The Dead & Demons Shamble Into Zenit’s Kensei This Winter

December 11, 2017 by brennon

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A selection of new and interesting miniatures are going to be available this December from Zenit Miniatures for the fantastical samurai world of Kensei and Torii. Take a look at what's coming soon.


When it comes to strange demons and otherworldly entities it seems like the Japanese have their eye on the top spot. These Kubakajiri are very strange indeed and in their mythology they are creatures that eat the heads of their enemies, dead or alive.

Sticking to the more traditional undead we also have these Undead Riders with Naginata. This unit will help to bolster the core of your undead force on the tabletop with those dangerous long-reach weapons.


We also have a couple of new character models to throw into the mix as well with this fellow, the Kumigashira...


...and this chap as well known as the Kuroi-te. I suppose that he could be used as a traditional hero in your games but something about him looks awfully sinister.


The collection of undead models for both Kensei and Torii has expanded greatly over the last few months bringing together a nice collection for those who like this alternative mythology and fantasy Japanese folklore offers up.

Realm Of The Living

Back with the living, we have this collection of horseback archers, the Yabusama.


I think they look poised and dangerous, able to hit their targets with ease from the back of their speeding mounts. I always liked the graceful way that the Japanese fired their longbows.

Last but not least we also have the news that you'll be able to get your hands on the Torii Rulebook in English now. It also comes with an exclusive miniature which is pretty awesome.

Torii Rulebook

Torii is their skirmish game compared to the larger scale offered by Kensei so great for those who like getting stuck into smaller games on the tabletop with a more personal attachment to their characters in warbands and the like.

What do you think of their latest offerings?

"...they are creatures that eat the heads of their enemies, dead or alive"

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