Zenit Miniatures Bring The Big Guns To Kensei

July 31, 2018 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures has a whole new roster of releases dropping for Kensei this month. The first set of releases focuses on a pair of mighty cannons for sieging the castles of your enemy.

Taiho - Kensei

First up we have the Tahio which is a dinky little cannon capable of taking on smaller units and more. If you're looking to take on something bigger then you have the Shibatsuji.

Shibatsuji - Kensei

I love the look of these and how some of the massive cannons they have created are just huge tubes of iron that are mounted on whatever they could find. You could imagine the terrifying roar that these cannons let out on the battlefield.

Tinkering Commanders

When you are using big artillery pieces like these you also need someone to keep control of them and make sure no silly minion doesn't break something! That's where we have the Engineer...

Engineer - Kensei

...and the Engineer With Spyglass who is clearly going to be ranging in the foes from afar and making sure that those cannons hit their target.

Engineer With Spyglass - Kensei

Once again, great sculpts which dive deeper into the world of Kensei and show off their Fantasy world inspired by warriors and more from history.

Deadly Assassin

If those cannons were smashing apart your castle then you might want to send someone to go and deal with those Engineers. That is where the Yumi Kunoichi may come in, sneaking behind enemy lines to take our cannon crews with her bow.Yumi Kunoichi - Kensei

It's neat seeing more and more models coming our way for Kensei and they continue to build on their world with dips into both the Fantastical and the Historical in equal measure.

What do you think of the new releases for the world of Kensei?

"...they continue to build on their world with dips into both the Fantastical and the Historical in equal measure"

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