The Shambling Samurai Undead Come To Zenit’s Kensei & Torii

October 14, 2016 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures has put together a rather awesome selection of undead warriors for the world of Kensei and Torii. See what you make of this army of shambling Samurai!

Daisho Samurai

Leading the way we have this selection of heroes which were probably once proud warriors. Now they have been bought back to life to serve another master unendingly.

Daisho Ashigaru

Even the Ashigaru here is looking impressive where they've gone for a zombie look compared to that of a skeleton. There's another hero in the mix too, ready to bring down his sword upon an unexpected foe.

Daisho Samurai (New)

All of these heroes, however, are simply the leaders of a large horde of the undead. Let's take a look...

A Shambling Army

The Katana Samurai might form the backbone of your army for Kensei. Without the fear of death in them, I'm sure they'll be even more dangerous.


Following on from them we also have the Yumi Samurai. Once again, with no muscles to pull back those bowstrings and magic guiding their aim I would imagine you're going to become a pin cushion in no time.


The Yari Ashigaru are also part of the solid wall of undead that will make up your army. I like the tattered flags on their backs speaking to their former allegiance.


We also have some more interesting undead creatures as part of the mix too. These Jikininki, for example, are like ghouls! They have a very predatory nature to them with claws ready to tear and rip.


Last but not least we also have the Yurei Naginata who are floating creatures with a haunting quality to them. Armed with the fearsome naginata as well they are going to be drifting forwards cutting down everything in their way.


What do you think of this collection of miniatures from Zenit? Considering they've got a cool Japanese to them Lloyd might be interested!

Let us know your thoughts below!

"Now they have been bought back to life to serve another master unendingly..."

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