Zenit Bring The Big Guns & Their Engineers To Kensei

June 27, 2018 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures has a range of new releases, most of them focused towards immense firepower, dropping this month for Kensei and Torii. Take a peek at some of these hefty guns...

Oo-Dzutsu - Zenit Miniatures

We start off with the Oo-Dzutsu above which is one of the early cannons of the period. As you can see it wasn't exactly a secure creation but if it hit the target it was most likely going to blast through a castle wall.

As well as the Oo-Dzutsu we also have the Hiya Taiho. This looks a little smaller but a lot safer compared to the cannon above. I like the ornate design across the back, giving the cannon a little bit of life and almost inscribing spiritual meaning onto the weapon.

Hiya Tahio - Zenit Miniatures

Both of these cannons fade into the background however when you see this monster. The Furanki looks more like a field gun than it does an old-fashioned cannon. If you're getting stuck into a long-term siege though you need something like this to pummel the enemy out of hiding.

Furanki - Zenit Miniatures

As well as the cannons that you see here the team at Zenit has also been working on some additional folk to man them.


There are two Engineers in the new releases with one of them serving Sohei...

Engineer Sohei - Zenit Miniatures

...and the other serving the forces of Buke. As in most games, you could imagine that they help to organise your ordnance into something resembling an effective firing line.

Engineer Buke - Zenit Miniatures

As well as this pair (including Pixel Percy there...) we have this new Daisho Samurai as well if you're looking for someone to lead your forces.

Daisho Samurai - Zenit Miniatures

The range from Zenit, and the Semi-Historical/Fantasy world of Kensei is very inviting with a wide range of models now under their belt. If you're looking for a gateway into the world of the Samurai this could be a good shout.

What do you think?

"If you're looking for a gateway into the world of the Samurai this could be a good shout..."

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