Zenit Miniatures Tease The Katai Empire’s Arrival In Kensei

February 22, 2019 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures have been inspired by Chinese history and will be bringing The Katai Empire into the world of Kensei and giving it a Fantasy tweak for good measure.

The Empire Of Katai - Zenit Miniatures

This is one of the swordsmen from the range which is no doubt going to be full of all sorts of weird and wonderful characters. The background for the Katai has already brought up things like weird and wonderful war machines and a floating fortress!

The arrival of this army might be a little way off but more information will be dropping about it this weekend and later this year too. I am very much looking forward to what they can do with this as Zenit have always managed to stride the line between Historical and Fantasy very well.

Their current range of mythical Japanese beasties is well loved and I could see this hitting the same note.

Will you be watching out for the Katai?

"Their current range of mythical Japanese beasties is well loved..."

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