New Clan Heroes Take Command In Zenit’s Kensei & Torii

September 10, 2018 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures are taking command of the battlefield in Kensei and Torii with a pair of new Clan Heroes. The first of these is a more generic warrior who could lead all manner of armies into battle.

Clan Hero - Zenit Miniatures

If this Clan Hero doesn't quite work for you then we also have the Clan Sohei Hero as well. Both this fellow and the chap above both look commanding with weapons raised, ready to charge into battle.

Clan Hero Sohei - Zenit Miniatures

You could imagine him waving the torch to signal the firing of arrows from behind his lines and the march forward of Ashigaru.

The Drums Of War

Continuing to look at more of those commanding figures we also have the Taiko. This chap would be beating out the rhythm of battle on that drum as your warriors marched to war.

Taiko - Zenit Miniatures

I also get the image of him onboard one of those massive Japanese ships from the period as well, the beat of his drum keeping the men rowing beneath deck in time.

Suddenly the idea of a Samurai naval battle sounds very appealing!

Are you tempted by this latest clutch of releases from Zenit Miniatures?

"Suddenly the idea of a Samurai naval battle sounds very appealing!"

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