New Warriors & A Ravaged Village For Zenit’s Torii & Kensei

January 31, 2017 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures has previewed what lies ahead for the worlds of Kensei and Torii this month with a host of new releases. Leading the way is this undead warrior, the Mounted Taisho.

Taisho On Horse

Once a noble general on the battlefield he has been twisted into this undead creation, doomed to ride into battle endlessly at the head of a shambling horde. While the Taisho is a nice model I think the horse looks superb with just the amount of rotted flesh worked into the sculpt, and of course the pale bone face!

Maybe now serving as his bodyguards we also have the Kiba Musha who are a set of undead cavalry to add to your collection.

Kiba Musha

Each of them rides on the same nightmarish steeds and look the part in their old and ruined armour. You'd have a lot of fun painting up this lot we reckon.

Ruined Lands

Matching the models you can use in battle we have some scenery too. First up is the Village...

Samurai Village

...which collects together three buildings with some wall sections to mark out streets and gardens. However, when the undead are abroad things aren't going to stay safe for long and that's where the Ruined Village comes in.

Samurai Ruined Village

You can then mix this in with the original Village set to give you a larger set where parts of the terrain was attacked and broken down by the undead. Maybe even twist it around and have the undead protecting the village from marauding bandits?

That could be what you use this Funeral Set for. As a spawning ground for the undead, ripping themselves from the earth, they rise to protect the villagers and unleash their curse on those that would dare step on hallowed ground.

Funeral Set

It would be fun to dive more into Kensei and Torii and see what it's all about. The undead/fantastical element which is mixed in with the historical gives you plenty of options.

What do you think?

"Maybe even twist it around and have the undead protecting the village from marauding bandits?"

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