New Grav Tanks Hover Out Of The Antenocitis’ Workshop Store

July 18, 2016 by brennon

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Antenocitis' Workshop have shown off two rather splendid looking Sci-Fi vehicles for you to use in your games set in the far future. Here we have the Advocatus and Bucephalus Grav Tanks which look freckin' amazing for 28/32mm gaming...

Advocatus #1

These are some fantastic looking vehicles which are a nice counter to all these old tanks we're seeing in the themed week. Here we have quite the upgrade!

Advocatus #2

You could use these in plenty of different Sci-Fi games out there but I think they would look great when dropped into the likes of Deadzone when you need a bit more armour. Of course they could also lie dormant and watch over the battles in Infinity too.

Here is the Bucephalus...

Bucephalus #1

Bucephalus #2

Hopefully we see plenty more of these vehicles hitting the tabletop. I think you could also look to include these alongside some of the soldiers coming out of Hasslefree Miniatures for example so you could do a combined arms game using squads and this heavy armour.

What do you think?

"Here we have quite the upgrade!"

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