Anvil’s Daughters Of The Burning Rose Bring Death With New War Machine

March 13, 2019 by dracs

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Anvil Industry have published some new previews of the miniatures on their way for their successfully Kickstarted Daughters of the Burning Rose army of sci-fi gothic warrior women.

The Machine Of War Marches On

First, we find the graceful, gothic creation that is the Daughters' own War Machine.

This War Machine is a huge robot, ready to deal death with either its huge chain sword or gun and flamer.

It appears to come with two head options, letting you choose a look that fits your army best.

Of these two, I think the first one would be my choice. Its impassive, statuesque look goes to make the whole creation far more creepy and fits with the idea that this isn't just a war machine, it's an icon of holy fury.

Death Awaits You

Following the War Machine, we find Death close behind.

This sinister, cowled figure floats across the battlefield, bringing oblivion to those deemed unworthy of life.

Death is listed as a special character for the Daughters of the Burning Rose, and is one that would instantly make for an eye-catching centerpiece for the army.

Both of these models were made possible by stretch goals on the Kickstarter, the pledge manager for which will be closing in two weeks.

Which of these two icons of destruction is your favourite?

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