An Outlaw Posse Forms Up For Black Scorpion’s Tombstone

December 5, 2018 by brennon

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Black Scorpion Miniatures has been getting a few updated miniatures ready for Wild West encounters in Tombstone with a band of Outlaws. We start out with the Outlaw Leader...

Outlaw Leader - Black Scorpion Miniatures

As you can see he is a rather suave individual, large hat doffed towards his opponent before he plugs him with a revolver. I love the big long coat and I think it's a good idea to paint him in the traditional darker colours of outlaws from Wild West movies of old. There is also an option to snag him Mounted too.

When the Leader is otherwise engaged the Deputy takes control and this fellow looks like a brazen gunfighter.

Outlaw Deputy - Black Scorpion Miniatures

You could imagine him being the young gun who has followed the Leader around for a while and slowly but surely learns the rules of surviving in the Wild West. The billowing shirt and jacket give him a dynamic look and I like that he's hiding his face behind a bandana, ready to rob a stage.

Posse Up!

Every good band of Outlaws needs a faithful set of supporters and that's where the different sets of Outlaws come in. There are three different sets for you to check out starting with (heaven forbid) One...


...followed by Two & Three.



I love that there is a good mix of the young and the old included within this set AND a nice set of different weapon types too. Shotguns, Rifles, Revolvers and more are all included. I am a stickler for WYSIWYG and so I always have to have gang members armed with what's on the model.

I love that each of the miniatures is also individually sculpted and posed meaning that there's some real character already plugged into your gang when you pick these up.

Again, I've been deep in Red Dead Redemption II recently and so the urge to play some Wild West games is rising...

What do you think of these new varmints?

"The billowing shirt and jacket give him a dynamic look..."

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