Minions & Monsters Invade Gangfight’s Blackwater Gulch

July 9, 2020 by brennon

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Gangfight Game Studio has now added their latest selection of miniatures from the Minions & Monsters Kickstarter onto their webstore. A new selection of characters and creatures are invading the Weird Wild West of Blackwater Gulch.

Brooke - Gangfight Game Studio.jpg

Brooke // Gangfight Game Studio

The first of the miniatures that I wanted to highlight from the collection was Brooke here. She normally makes her way about town alongside the Tranquility Crew and she looks like a total badass. With some rockin' cowboy books and revolvers akimbo, she seems like she should be able to hold her own against pretty much anything.

A number of Outlaw Bandits and Lawman Deputies are also including as part of this suite of releases but a lot of the meat here lies amongst the creepy and the weird monsters that are knocking at the door of Blackwater Gulch.

Blackwater Gulch - Monsters In The Mist

The first of these miniatures is the very awesome looking The Tall Man. This fellow has something of Slenderman about him and I really like the detail that has gone into his outfit. He also has a leering look to his face which is just unsettling!

The Tall Man - Gangfight Game Studio.jpg

The Tall Man // Gangfight Game Studio

Sticking with the idea of being quirky and slightly offputting, we also have the Black Eye Children here. You just know that these kids are murderous and willing to do some terrible things to those who disturb their "playtime".

Black Eye Children - Gangfight Game Studio.jpg

Black Eye Children // Gangfight Game Studio

The undead are of course going to feature as part of this weird expansion to Blackwater Gulch too. Gangfight Game Studio sculpted up these Native Zombies who have shambled out of their graves and are seeking some recompense for the wrongs done to them.

Native Zombies - Gangfight Game Studio.jpg

Native Zombies // Gangfight Game Studio

Again, I think you have to tip the hat to Gangfight Game Studio for the amount of detail that they have worked into these sculpts. I think these would pop really nicely on the tabletop and I can't really think of many better Weird or Wild West miniatures out there in this wheelhouse.

One of the best miniatures from the collection is this fellow, Tunka, who looks like he has a bone or two to pick with the folks who pissed off his clan.

Tunka - Gangfight Game Studio.jpg

Tunka // Gangfight Game Studio

Make sure to go and check out more from their webstore as they have all manner of characters, creepy monsters and folks who are just trying to survive on the frontier. Dive in and check out their webstore HERE and let us know what you think of Blackwater Gulch's newest residents.

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"...let us know what you think of Blackwater Gulch's newest residents"

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