Fight Alongside Alvar The Jarl In Mythic’s Hel: The Last Saga

April 24, 2020 by brennon

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We’re moving onto the third preview from Mythic Games this week for Hel: The Last Saga, their Viking-inspired board game which is coming to Kickstarter soon. Meet Alvar The Jarl…

Alvar The Jarl Art - Mythic Games

Alvar is a mighty warrior who has seen many battles in his time. But, his ‘pure’ heart might just be his undoing as he seems infatuated with the Queen that they travel with. This could make for some tense exchanges as the group begins to realise the realities of their quest.

Alvar The Jarl Render - Mythic Games

The render for Alvar The Jarl has also been revealed and it’s looking rather funky but it gets even better once you crack out the painted version by Sebastien Lavigne…

Alvar The Jarl Painted - Mythic Games

Seb has done another good job on this model and it seems like he has managed to draw a lot of influences from the artwork that we saw above.

As someone who is quite interested in Vikings, myths, sagas, legends and the like, I am looking forward to learning more about the game and how it plays once you get right down into the nuts and bolts of it.

You can check out their Facebook Group for more discussion on the game with a fairly active community who are waiting for the Kickstarter to fire up.

What do you make of Alvar The Jarl?

"What do you make of Alvar The Jarl?"

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