AngryJoe Talks Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game

April 15, 2018 by lloyd

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Legendary game reviewer turned designer AngryJoe chats with us about his upcoming miniature adaptation of classic arcade game Street Fighter!

AngryJoe Talks Street Fighter Miniature Game

Many will know AngryJoe for his YouTube channel The Angry Joe Show where he has been reviewing games, sometimes angrily, for 10 years.

Through the power of Kickstarter he has taken the much loved Street Fighter franchise to the tabletop with a miniature adaptation that will hopefully capture the feel of the series.

So far the campaign has already doubled their $400,000 goal and broken through several stretch goals which have added extra characters such as Blanka and alternative modes allowing for up to 6 players.

The miniatures included will be pre-built and pre-painted giving the more time-constrained of us the ability to get stuck straight into the game, and at 65-85mm tall these are some big miniatures!

Which game would you like to see AngryJoe adapt next?

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