Archon Begin Previewing More Masters Of The Universe Miniatures

February 19, 2021 by brennon

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Building on the preview miniatures that they have been releasing ahead of the Masters Of The Universe: Fields Of Eternia - The Board Game, Archon Studios has also been now showing off some of the actual characters you'll be able to pick up with the board game.

He-Man - Archon Studio

He-Man // Archon Studio

The first of the miniatures that we've seen is for the mighty He-Man who will be battling to save Eternia from the clutches of Skeletor and his minions. He is an impressive individual and one of the mightiest, if not the mightiest, heroes in the game. Skeletor will have to plan well to bring him down.

Talking of the master of villainous pursuits, we also have Skeletor here too. I really like the miniatures we're seeing here which seem to walk the line between the quirky cartoons and a more modern style.

Skeletor - Archon Studio

Skeletor // Archon Studio

These 35mm scale miniature previews continued with a look at some of the allies that Skeletor is going to be calling on when hunting down the He-Man and friends. Here we have the mesh of mechanical and organic that is Trap Jaw.

Trap Jaw - Archon Studio

Trap Jaw // Archon Studio

I had the toy for this fellow who came with a moving jaw! I think in the end I had He-Man, Skeletor, Trap Jaw and that was about it. I don't think I even watched the cartoons that much to be honest. Stepping back from that meandering point, we also have Beast Man here with a curled whip in hand.

Beast Man - Archon Studio

Beast Man // Archon Studio

Again, the miniatures are looking very cool but it will be interesting to see the game that comes with them. Fields Of Eternia sounds like it's going to be a big, bombastic and heroic board game and I would hope that it matches well with the themes of the cartoon.

If you're interested in looking at some of the miniatures they have produced already, we unboxed He-Man and Skeletor...

Unboxing: He-Man & Skeletor - Masters Of The Universe

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"Are you going to be keeping an eye on more developments for the Fields Of Eternia board game?"

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