Archon Add In MORE Wolfenstein With Old Blood Expansion

April 6, 2020 by brennon

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Archon Studio are gearing up for the release of their Wolfenstein: The Board Game Kickstarter soon and they have their sights set on expansion content already. The Old Blood video game takes place before the events of the updated 2014 version of the game but still sees BJ Blazkowicz kicking Nazi ass.

Wolfenstein The Old Blood Expansion - Archon Studio

This expansion to the main game comes as a Kickstarter offering and will have you and your friends taking on a selection of new threats. The set contains...

  • 5x new heroes
  • Special 1946 edition of BJ Blazkowicz Miniature
  • 3x new types of enemies
  • 2x new bosses - Rudi Jager and The Monstrosity
  • New locations like Wulfburg Village or Catacombs
  • 23x miniatures in total

So, if you're into seeing even more Wolfenstein fun on the tabletop then this seems like it should be a good addition to the roster. Here is a closer look at some of the miniatures that you'll get in this set which do look rather spiffing indeed. I particularly like Blazkowicz quite literally kicking his way into the fighting.

Wolfenstein The Old Blood Expansion Heroes - Archon Studio

Archon has done some pretty good stuff with their sculpts as of late and it seems like they are going to be doing much the same in terms of quality here too. They have certainly managed to capture the likenesses of the characters from the video games very well indeed.

Wolfenstein The Old Blood Expansion Enemies - Archon Studio

This is a bit more of a classic look at Wolfenstein as well which steps back from the alternative future we see in New Order and has you taking on some old school Nazi scum.

It remains to be seen what the gameplay is like but we've got ourselves a prototype of the game sitting ready to dive into and we'll no doubt have a proper peek at it soon.

Are you tempted to pick a nice bare-chested Blazkowicz and take the fight to the Paranormal Division?

"I particularly like Blazkowicz quite literally kicking his way into the fighting..."

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