Ares Announce Kings Of Middle-earth For War Of The Ring

January 31, 2020 by brennon

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Ares Games has announced a new expansion coming to their rather immense War Of The Ring board game series. Kings Of Middle-earth will add more mighty heroes into the mix for both the forces of good and evil.

War Of The Ring Kings Of Middle-earth - Ares Games

There will be a few new elements throw into the mix to make your games of War Of The Ring that little bit more epic...

"The role of the rulers of the Free Peoples, and their weaknesses, is the focus of Kings of Middle-earth, the third expansion for War of the Ring. The part they played in the story is greatly expanded, with new figures and rules that bring to life Theodén, Denethor, Daìn, Brand, and Thranduil. Additional rules for siege battles, including siege machine figures, and new units to expand the Shadow Armies are included."

This all sounds very, very cool indeed. I like the fact that we're getting more of the supporting characters and also exploring the conflicts which were not centred around Rohan and Gondor. Dain, Brand and the Elves fought mighty battles against the forces of Angmar and the like which are not overly covered in The Lord Of The Rings but popped up in the appendices instead.

Siege battles sound like a really fun addition to the mix too and I can't wait to see how this affects the way both sides fight for control of Middle-earth during The Third Age.

Are you tempted to snap this up?

"Siege battles sound like a really fun addition to the mix too..."

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