Asmodee Announces New Deluxe Edition Of Tokaido!

August 30, 2022 by fcostin

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If you have spent many an evening calmly crossing the East Sea Road in Tokaido, Asmodee has announced that they will be releasing a hefty deluxe version to retail. With this reviving a popular classic, Tokaido is moving into the modern day with a massive set on September 16th!

Tokaido Deluxe Edition - Asmodee

Tokaido: Deluxe Edition // Asmodee

If you have never played Tokaido before you will be stepping into the shoes of a traveller who is hoping to soak up the surrounding culture on the East Sea Road of Japan. This requires players to visit surrounding temples, get their tastebuds around some local delicacies and talk to the inhabitant. All of this is so you can tell stories about the wonderful journey before reaching the end.

The player who has gained the most experience on the trail will be able to show off their discoveries before becoming the most initiated traveller and winner.

Tokaido Deluxe Edition Preview - Asmodee

Tokaido: Deluxe Edition Preview // Asmodee

It is now more and more common for "big box" games and deluxe editions of ten-year-old titles to be released to retail providing a new generation of tabletop gamers an insight into a classic game. They often come with some additional features to immerse yourself within the experience completely.

The Deluxe Edition of Tokaido brings an even bigger game board representing how the journey down the East Sea Road has expanded. This means an even bigger box, which will become a comfortable home for the Tokaido expansion, Crossroads too. Crossroads provides new experiences including bathhouses and cherry blossom trees to fill the journey up with more magic and beauty. Players will find their character tiles, unpainted minis and resources all tied up in an updated and modernised set.

Card Previews - Crossroads

Card Previews // Crossroads Expansion

If you did want to run with the theme of "chill" on your tabletop, the deluxe edition does come with a mood-setting soundtrack. This will come encased in the chunky deluxe set in the form of a CD (how old-fashioned) to use during play.

If you have played Tokaido before and have never snagged yourself a set, or want to grow on the zen journey down a road of self-discovery - Tokaido brings a cool and calming game environment to the tabletop. Whilst players will be competing for the best experience, it doesn't place pressure on the players! Each can adapt to their own way of play, making their way down the trail.

Would you be interested in playing the Tokaido Deluxe Edition?

" Crossroads provides new opportunies to discover including bathhouses and cherry blossom trees to fill the journey up with more magic and mastery."

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