Head To AuZtralia With Two New Board Game Expansions

April 9, 2021 by fcostin

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Australia itself is known for its' native beasts. Heading over to Australia might not be the best idea if you are afraid of spiders... or snakes... or birds for that matter. As Emus walk free and I genuinely do not think I'd be able to leave my house knowing about a bird that is taller than me is out there! Unless it is a Chocobo...

AuZtralia // Stronghold Games

AuZtralia the board game certainly brings beasts to the table - but this is unlike our modern-day Australia. This is AuZtralia: an alternate reality set in the 1930s.

If you haven't played AuZtralia before: imagine train exploration combined with Cthulhu. Yes I said that right. You are required to build a port, construct railways, mine and farm for food to prepare for the incoming fight from the Old Ones. These Old Ones will start to wake up as you progress, and you will need to cooperate with your teammates to take them down.

If you are looking to expand on the base game, there is a brand new Kickstarter available. Providing you with two new expansions for the game.

AuZtralia Expansions // Stronghold Games

In Revenge of the Old Ones, players will be able to take the role of The Old Ones themselves - and they are pretty annoyed at humanity after enduring defeat time and time again in the core game!

You will get your hands on 30 new monster cards with brand new abilities too. But that is not all, but by adding this expansion to the game, another player can join the fray putting the players up from four to five per game.

In Tazmania, the humans have managed to escape from mainland AuZtralia, onto the island of Tazmania. Which means there are new maps to explore. You will need to get your strategy on with new areas to explore. Just because we have left Auz, doesn't mean that this new area will be a walk in the park!

You will gain two new maps in this expansion. One map is fixed and ready for you to go in search of resources and Old Ones. However, the second map is randomized through terrain tiles, you will find out what is lurking underneath the more you explore.

The core game along with the two expansions are available on the Kickstarter as part of a "Big Box", so you can grab the whole adventure together on one page.

What do you think of these new expansions? Will you be working as the Old Ones or escaping to Tazmania for a day trip? 

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