Manipulate Bets & Gamble In The Atlantic Robot League

July 5, 2022 by fcostin

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WizKids is not slowing down on the board game releases, this year already announcing a Fantasy Realms Deluxe Edition, with the addition of new titles alike D&D Onslaught and Yosemite. There seems to be a tabletop title for everybody in their store, whether you are after adventure, creativity or to escape the clutches of a zombie princess - WizKids have you covered.

Atlantic Robot League - WizKids

Atlantic Robot League // WizKids

This week, WizKids has announced an upcoming mech-loaded title that has headed over to their pre-orders on their store. Placing big stompy robots in the limelight amongst heavy metal grit and sparks in the Atlantic Robot League.

Taking a seat in the audience, 2-5 players are going to interfere with fate lady luck by placing bets on the mechanical warriors within the arena. Each player will be required to put their bets in early, determining the likes of the most KOs, and who will still be standing over the course of the metal-on-metal battle.

Gameplay Preview - Atlantic Robot League

Gameplay Preview // Atlantic Robot League

"In the far future a new sport has swept the world—Giant Mech Battles! Mile-high giants fight across entire city blocks. Rabid fans wear their favorite team’s colors and gather in virtua-bars to watch the battles. It’s the perfect time for a savvy gambler to get filthy rich. Even if you have to cheat just a little bit!" - WizKids

As much as it would be beneficial to know the outcome of each bet, players will have a chance to tweak and manipulate the result for their bet to turn in their own favour, or even up the stakes midway through! Players will be able to take control of their robots on the battlefield, choosing their path to destruction and attacking others across the field.

Team Robot Preview - Atlandtic Robot League

Team Robots Preview // Atlantic Robot League

Once five robots are still standing across the high-profile event, all bets will then be paid out to those who participated and fought dirty to climb to riches. Settling bets and placing the final cohort into a three-round battle, where the player with the most tallied points wins. The game truly seems like a free-for-all. Sometimes opponents may need to work together due to their shared bet, which can ultimately cause chaos for all involved in the arena.

There are five teams to choose from in total, with the likes of the Mid-Atlantic Cavaliers, and the Beasts of the East joining the fray; ready for some epic metal battles, taking roughly 20 minutes per game.

Atlantic Robot League Preview - WizKids

Atlantic Robot League Preview // WizKids

If you are interested in Atlantic Robot League, be sure to head on over to the WizKids website to get your pre-order in. However, if you are keen on picking this one up at retail, keep your eyes open at your FLGS store this September for big stompy, neon-coloured madness!

Think you will come out rich in the Atlantic Robot League?

"Players will be able to take control of their robots on the battlefield, choosing their path to destruction and attacking others across the field..."

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