Cephalofair Announces Frosthaven Fulfilment Update

August 29, 2022 by fcostin

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The long-awaited plan for Frosthaven has been released! Cephalofair, after heading to Kickstarter in 2020, faced delay after delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent update, we've had some movement when it comes to what's next for the Gloomhaven universe and when players can hope to have their mammoth Frosthaven boxes. Christmas!

Frosthaven Update - Cephalofair Games

Frosthaven // Cephalofair Games

With a recent update over on the Frosthaven BackerKit Page, Cephalofair has been keeping players in the loop as to when they can finally get their hands on Frosthaven. Spread across 100-plus shipping containers, and heading out across the world it's nearly time for folk to get it on their tabletops.

For those who were waiting until retail to get their hands on Frosthaven, Cephalofair has noted that the second print-run heading to retail will be coming in 2023. However, if your FLGS did pitch in on Kickstarter, both retail and consumer pledges will be fulfilled simultaneously. So, expect to see the odd copy on shelves here and there.

Frosthaven Miniatures Preview - Cephalofair

Frosthaven Miniatures Preview // Cephalofair

Cephalofair has provided a flawless plan to get Frosthaven on the table, however, some aspects are out of their control. There may be some issues along the way with shipping and assembly leaving fans with no definitive date. However, they are working their utmost to bring backers their copies of Frosthaven alongside add-ons hopefully by the close of the year.

Until then, Cephalofair will continue to remain transparent and provide updates to its backers and community on not just the future of Frosthaven but the further growth of the universe. Next up, The Miniatures of Gloomhaven! Be sure to check out the ins and outs of the Frosthaven update here.

Have you backed Frosthaven or are you interested in picking it up at retail? 

"Cephalofair has provided a flawless plan to get Frosthaven on the table, however, some aspects are out of their control..."

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