CMON Take Blood Rage Digital With Upcoming Kickstarter

November 23, 2018 by brennon

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CMON are going to be going to Kickstarter with a digital version of Blood Rage very soon indeed. This will be a fully realised version of the game on Steam which will allow you to get stuck into this brutal battle set during Ragnarok.

Blood Rage Digital - CMON

As well as the campaign focusing on bringing the game to life they will also be offering a chance for backers to also get some miniatures for the tabletop game as well. The first of these is Garm, the mighty wolf from Norse legends.

Garm Blood Rage - CMON

Garm was said to be one of the beasts that guarded the gates to Hel and it was his howl that echoed through the realms and heralded the coming of Ragnarok. If the miniature is anything like what they did for Fenris it's going to be fun to paint that fur!

Keeping with a feral theme we also have the Wolfwoman who is another of the miniatures offered as part of the Kickstarter.

Wolfwoman Blood Rage - CMON

It wasn't just the men turning into wolves in the lands of the Norse people. Many folks could be the Kveld Ulf or Night’s Wolf and here we're seeing a woman warrior who has let herself be given over to blind fury and rage.

I'm looking forward to seeing some gameplay videos of how Blood Rage looks in this new digital version and what they plan to do on the tabletop front too.

Will you be giving this a look?

"...offering a chance for backers to also get some miniatures for the tabletop game as well"

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