CMON Talk Design For Bloodborne: The Board Game

March 12, 2019 by brennon

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CMON Games have been talking more about the design behind Bloodborne: The Board Game. As well as that they've also shown off some new miniature previews too including the Hunter you will be playing as.

Bloodborne Hunter - CMON

One of the clear design choices they've made so far is to remove the luck from the equation as much as possible. For anyone who has played Bloodborne, they'll know that it is a game all about strategy and precise action where a single misstep might spell your doom.

So, with that in mind, the focus seems to have turned to using deck-building and card play as a means of controlling the action rather than simply trusting in the dice. These cards then play a direct role in combat with Hunters having to work out which Attack and Stat Cards they're going to use for each encounter with modifiers for all sorts like their trick weapon and the trust firearm they have at their side.

They are aiming to make it so that your Hunter truly becomes yours with ways to upgrade your cards and add new ones into the mix using the Blood Echoes you pick up from defeated enemies. There seems to be a lot of depth in there already but you can learn more about it from Part One and Part Two of their article series.

Haunting Foes

As we mentioned, they are also showing off some of the enemies you'll run into when you venture forth. Here we have the terrifying Church Giant.

Bloodborne Church Giant - CMON

This is just one of the creatures you'll encounter on the tabletop, stalking the spooky city of Yarnham.

I am fascinated to see what the design team of Shinall & Lang can bring to the tabletop here.

Will you be getting stuck in when this drops?

"I am fascinated to see what the design team of Shinall & Lang can bring to the tabletop here..."

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