Combine Wood Art And Tabletop Gaming In Moku Tower Kickstarter

October 1, 2021 by fcostin

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There are a lot of pros and cons to having a lot of board games. Although the pros outweigh the cons for me, a lot of people do not like having their boxes out so openly... everywhere!

I myself have space to store and access whenever I need them, but it is certainly no secret that this hobby of ours takes up a lot of our living space! And without thought into a solid gaming area, shelves or organising, these boxes can be quick to become an eyesore.

My mother used to hate the disarray of multi-coloured board games scattered across my room growing up, I was always so disturbed when she asked me if I wanted to throw away the box after opening it.

Moku Tower - Image One

Gameplay // Moku Tower

Integrating games into our surroundings is part of who we are, and if you are one of those board games who likes clutter off the shelf (or lives with one!), there is a board game up on Kickstarter for the whole family which can be left out as part of your home decor.

Moku Tower takes inspiration from its predecessor, Woodas. Where players combine the two genres of Wood Art and Tabletop Gaming to create something entirely new.

Moku Tower - Image Two

Moku Tower // Mokuomo

No, I am not describing a game of Jenga. Stacking wood atop a tabletop does not have to be a stressful and chaotic experience. Moku Tower may look like a calming and zen experience, however, the strategy and timing will place players in the running to win - if that competitive nature takes over.

Moku Tower - Image Three

Game Mechanic // Moku Tower

Make Tower excorporates the themes of timing, stacking and strategy all tied up in one precarious bow. Players will work closely next to their hourglass to stack rocks that have been described by the cards drawn from the deck. As players are balancing with patience and more than likely pulling some interesting faces, their opponents can make life a little harder by utilising function cards to create a little chaos in their zen garden.

Moku Tower - Image Five

Game Pieces // Moku Tower

The game brings many different types of wood in all shapes and sizes to add to your centrepiece. There are ten different pieces, and eight different types of natural wood, including ash, pine, Sapele, maple, walnut, birch, camphor and rosewood. They all are individually unique, containing different colours, grain, weight, size and textures to craft the Moku Tower in-game.

I mean, if you did want to stick a giant stormtrooper in your living room, there's nothing stopping you. But if you did want a subtle tabletop game on-side creating a calm and zen environment, similar to the class of a chessboard, Moku tower would fit into your interior without screaming out-of-place in your home decor.

Having tiny hands like mine - you would think that dexterity games would be right up my alley and would be something I have mastered. Honestly, hats off to all of ya'll with Gerry-sized hands painting 10mm miniatures. I salute you. 

"There are ten different pieces, and eight different types of natural wood, including ash, pine, Sapele, maple, walnut, birch, camphor and rosewood. "

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