Control Family Ambitions In Village Big Box Release

June 16, 2022 by fcostin

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Plan B Games have announced the revival of an Eggertspiele classic, as Village is getting its own big box. Bringing together the bustling antics of the day in the life together with expansions included in early 2023.

Village Big Box - Featured Imaghe

Village: Big Box // Plan B Games

The classic Village has had a bit of a refurb! In the early stages of next year, we will see the breadth of the title pulled together with new artwork, quality of life improvements and general tweaks and tinkers with the successful worker placement title.

The new and revised version of Village will come in a "Big Box". What this means is that the title will draw in both the core set alongside other expansions to bring a wider gaming experience. Players will find the Village: Inn, Village: Port and new expansion in the upcoming box, bringing added items too from the Village: Customer Expansion. Components have been upgraded allowing seamless gameplay, bringing a larger board to play on which incorporates the expansions further, plus the addition of dual-layered player boards.

Village Big Box - Eggert Spiele

Village: Big Box Artwork Preview //Eggert Spiele

If you have never played Village before, you will be taking life in strides, adapting to the hard graft of the village towards fame and glory. Players will be taking the role of a family of their own, all of which are looking to seek out their own personal dreams and ambitions within the village. Whether they want to become an open-world explorer or become the next best town friar - the player will determine their success, hoping to bring honour to the full family immortalized throughout history.

Double Layered Player Board Preview - Village Big Box

Double Layered Player Board Preview // Village Big Box

Players will be receiving incredible feedback from their well-astound villagers, making their name over lengthy time periods and going down in history within the village chronicles. Choosing actions by aspirations of villages, the game will come to a close when legends have been made, or the village graveyard is fully stocked.

Alongside the upgrades to the game all around, there has been a solo play mode integrated into the new edition. Meaning that if players want to guide their own way through without any stress from opponents, or simply want to practice - the village is their oyster.

This isn't the first title I played growing up getting restored into a huge big box! It really is wonderful to see some older games getting a modern refresh with all expansions and promos in tow!

Is there an older board game you would love to see get its own Big Box? 

"The title will draw in both the core set alongside other expansions to bring a wider gaming experience. "

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