Small Paul Joins Purgatory & Armoured Syndicate Kickstarters

October 28, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

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I love it when two companies can make a mini work within two worlds, and this week, both Underestimated Games and Black Phoenix Games have done just that!PM small paul

At the moment you have the opportunity to snag a Small Paul mini for yourself through either the Purgatory or Armoured Syndicate Kickstarters. He will be an event only model, allowing few opportunities to add one to your collection.

PM KS logo art

In Purgatory, Small Paul is an apostle aligned with the Parlour Tricks faction, but he can be used as mercenary in any of the factions. Paul is quite tricky and has the ability to re-position your forces mid game, which is exceptionally handy to say the least.

EM armoured syndicate

As for Armoured Syndicate, Small Paul is a washed up midget illusionist who found brief fame through his show in one of the big Vegas casinos. He is a member of the 'Vegas Freaks' faction. When the city was abandoned and he lost his job he became a mercenary, working with the undesirables and criminals to offer 'distractions and drama' for their heists.

In Armoured Syndicate he has the unique ability to use an action to swap places with any friendly model at any point in the game! He also has Flopsy his disgruntled robotic rabbit which acts as a ranged weapon that can be sent after enemy mechs and humans alike like a rabid attack dog.

There's just a few more days left in the Armoured Syndicate project and just over a week left on Purgatory.

What do you think of this quirky little magician?

"He will be an event only model, allowing few opportunities to add one to your collection..."

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