Crossroad Expansion On The Way For Plaid Hat Games’ Gen7

November 27, 2018 by brennon

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Gen7 is the newest Crossroads game from Plaid Hat which follows in the footsteps of Dead Of Winter. Now, the team has been sharing information on the new expansion for this called The Breaking Point.

Gen7 A Crossroads Game - Plaid Hat Games

Gen7 follows the exploits of a colony ship being sent out to bring humanity to the stars. However, a new and terrible mystery has come to the fore aboard the ship and you'll have to find out what lies beneath the surface or the entire mission may fall into ruin.

Crossroads games are fun because they come with a deck of cards which focus the story into meaningful and interesting decisions that could change the course of the game. Now with The Breaking Point, this cooperative experience is being turned into a competitive one.

Gen7 The Breaking Point Expansion - Plaid Hat Games

As well as adding new areas onto the game board which can be used you'll also find a set of new scenarios to play out as well. The barracks is the key aspect of this strained sense of cooperation between the players as you'll find your groups suddenly at odds with each other.

Games that focus on making interesting and important choices are always more fun I think and I'd love to get stuck into Gen7 to see how different it is from Dead Of Winter.

What do you think?

"I'd love to get stuck into Gen7 to see how different it is from Dead Of Winter..."

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