Cryptozoic Cast Magical Spells In Wizard Words

December 11, 2018 by brennon

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Wizard Words is a new real-time cooperative word game coming from Jeff Lai and Cryptozoic Entertainment which seems like it would be perfect for a gathering of friends over drinks.

Wizard Words - Cryptozoic Entertainment

This team-based game will have you giving one-word clues whilst remembering past ones, all the time having to deal with hexes which are being thrown at you, hoping to trip you up.

Hopefully, you’ll run the gauntlet and be able to get your classmates to guess your hidden wizard words to rank up amongst your peers.

Word games are a lot of fun and great for getting non-gamers into the action too. Codenames proved just what a hit this could be, as did Decrypto and many others, and I can see plenty more coming to the fore over the next year or so.

What are some of your favourite word games to play?

"What are some of your favourite word games to play?"

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