GF9 Travel With The Doctor In New Core Game + Loads Of Expansions!

March 9, 2020 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine also announced this week that they are going to be coming back to their Doctor Who: Time Of The Daleks board game with a revamped version which features Jodie Whittaker's 13th Doctor!

Doctor Who 13th Doctor Core Set

This new set will give you all of the content from the original game with a little bit of a tweak here and there. Plus of course, it also brings Jodie's 13th Doctor into the mix so you can go on some new adventures. I have really been enjoying the latest couple of series of the show (give or take one or two episodes) so it's nice to see the 13th Doctor getting a showing in board game form.

Doctor Who 13th Doctor Components

The game is a lot of fun and sees you playing as not just one Doctor but a selection of them from throughout space and time. You have to try and stop the Daleks from being able to enact their plans by working together although there might be a few twists here and there which throw a spanner in the works.

As you can see, the new core game features a massive leap through time with the 1st, 4th, 11th and 13th Doctors in the works. All of the models are looking pretty good too!

Doctor Who 13th Doctor Core Set Miniatures

If you're someone who already has the original Core Game though then you might want to expand things and include the 13th Doctor through the aid of a new expansion pack which is also coming out soon. This one gives you access to the 3rd and 13th Doctor plus the 8th Doctor which is a nice little add-on as you head to five and six players at the table rather than just four.

Doctor Who 3rd & 13th Doctor Expansion

Honestly, if you're a Doctor Who fan then this seems like the core game to go and pick up. It's got neat gameplay mechanics, fun miniatures and plenty of additional content coming to support it in the future. Whovians are going to be very happy indeed.

Companion Expansions

If you're looking to represent some of the additional characters that help the Doctor on their journey then you'll be pleased to see some new options in the form of their Friends Expansions. Here we have River, Amy, Clara & Rory who each have their own neat miniatures, cards and more.

Doctor Who Pond & Friends Expansion

Then, if you're looking to go that extra step and pick up even more Friends/Companions then you also have some classic (nowadays anyway) allies in the form of Mickey, Rose, Martha & Donna.

Doctor Who Rose & Friends Expansion

This was the era of Doctor Who which really got me back into the show and I've been watching ever since the days of David Tennant. I think these could be a lot of fun and help add more awesomeness to your experiences at the tabletop as you're trying to stop the Daleks!

What do you make of this news from Gale Force Nine?

"'s nice to see the 13th Doctor getting a showing in board game form"

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