Everything Epic To Launch Rambo: The Board Game Tuesday

January 22, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

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Everything Epic is getting ready to launch Rambo: The Board Game on Kickstarter this Tuesday, January 23rd, at 3pm EST.

This means that soon, we will all be able to test our combat and recon skills on the table.

The game is based upon First Blood Blood Part II and offers a ton of replayability as well as depth. The game is designed to run through missions and the missions will come in their own packages, for you to follow a prescriptive order in play. One to four players can enjoy this gaming experience, which means there's a solo mode as the baddies are driven by AI.

Spoiler alert - Rambo is a badass (the sniper is too)! Gianna and I have a preview copy and you'll be seeing a Let's Play in short order!

What do you think of being able to play some Rambo?

"Spoiler alert - Rambo is a badass!"

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