Expand Your Druidic Order Into Further Prosperity In Oak

March 16, 2022 by fcostin

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Over on Gamefound, Game Brewer is attempting to bring prosperity to the lands! As players are taking the role of Druidic leaders from orders reaching far and wide to seek knowledge from the Sacred Tree. Oak is now live.

Oak Gamefound Trailer // Game Brewer

Launching two days ago and already proving a success after six hours, the title places 1-4 players in the hot seat of moulding a thriving future. As they take the role of a leader, they will be proving their worth to the almighty ancient tree. With the hope that they will be chosen to share prosperous secrets and be deemed worthy, creating order within the world.

Sacred Tree - Oak

Sacred Tree Preview // Oak

The Sacred Tree contains ancient wisdom, passed down across time as it has flown by since the world's first days. Many druidic orders have journeyed from far and wide to gain an insight into this tree's powerful knowledge bank. The tree is worshipped and respected, as players ease towards creating a happier world around them.

Elder Druid - Oak

Elder Druid // Oak

Players will have a long journey ahead of them, taking roughly 90 minutes to play through. As they will be sent on different missions and objectives to prove their cause. These duties will start small but as players feel their way through new opportunities, their responsibilities will grow to ensure a fully committed druidic order in the strategy of placement. Hoping for later on in the game to prove their stance enough as a druid to become an upgraded Elder.

They will be required to become one with the forest, learning new magic and helping creatures from beyond the world to gain friendship. This friendship can help the player prosper however, they must keep an eye on the natural order and not disturb the balance. Across Sunrise, Day and Dusk, players will take to the road to expand their order, growing their clan and defining the winner by the most determined leader.

Retail and Deluxe Edition - Oak

Retail and Deluxe Edition // Oak

There are two pledges you can dip into over on Gamefound, whether you want a Deluxe Edition which is only going to be available during the Campaign, this will have many upgrades to components, including custom-shaped markers, expanded boards and upgraded wooden pieces - quite a few being exclusive to Gamefound. Or get your hands on the Retail Edition which we can expect to see in FLGS stores.

There are no stretch goals or additional rewards as part of the campaign, but there sure is plenty to get stuck into in the game. Whether that be discovering artefacts, making potions or meeting otherworldly creatures, the Sacred Tree will not be short of roles to assume when pushing for secrets.

There are 23 days left on the clock and already funded. So if you are keen on taking on the role of Druid in a strategic hand-management worker-placement title, be sure to check out Oak.

Are you going to be delving into Oak?

"Players will have a long journey ahead of them, taking roughly 90 minutes to play through..."

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