Flex Female Heroines Big & Small In The Library Labyrinth

March 9, 2022 by fcostin

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Libraries hold infinite knowledge. Home to stories that have travelled far and wide, containing answers and artefacts from history and fiction.

There is a new game on Kickstarter that uses the safe walls of words in a library as the main arena. Library Labyrinth brings a group of players a cooperative mission - to return the escaped villains back to their pages. In a moving labyrinth of a library, players must take the role of a group of women in history and fiction to return the evil back to the pages of storytime and onto the shelf.

Library Labyrinth - Box Preview

Box Preview // Library Labyrinth

2-5 players must work collaboratively in an attempt to restore the library to good standing. Which mean eliminating the curse which holds the pages of the books and walls of the library in its clutches, and ensuring fictional terrors are placed safely back on their shelves correctly where they belong.

Heroines - Library Labyrinth

Heroines // Library Labyrinth

Now, these women in history and fiction have journeyed from far and wide to get to this library. Including Alice in Wonderland, Marie Curie and the Lady of Shalott. Players will be pit up against the Marian Robots from War of the Worlds, Dracula, the Kraken and many more. Nothing like a bit of girl power to thrust them back to their already-written ending.

Library Labyrinth - Gameplay

Gameplay Preview // Library Labyrinth

To journey across the table, players will be provided with a set of 25 tiles in front of them to travel to. They can flip the tiles to create a new map and layout of the library, however - sometimes evil villains are resting in their wake ready to be spawned and turned over.  As the terrors will need to be taken down, defeated and returned to their rightful place on the shelf.

If you are not so keen on cooperating with a team, the game does account for solo players who would like an individual chance at saving the library from peril. Only playing in 30 minutes, the solo player will need to manoeuvre their way across the moving floors in hopes of achieving security in the library.

The Kickstarter has 22 days left on the clock and already met its initial funding goal. You can get your hands on some component upgrades and additions as part of the stretch goals if you are pledging, or a chance to get your hands on some special add-ons.

What do you think of Library Labyrinth?

"To journey across the table, players will be provided with a set of 25 tiles in front of them to travel to..."

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