FFG Announce New Star Wars: Armada Expansion For 2019

April 3, 2019 by cassn

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The galaxy is at war. The Galactic Civil War rages across the stars, nowhere more fiercely than the lawless Mid and Outer Rim. Newly promoted commanders lead their fleets to these systems, looking to make a name for themselves as they vie for resources, allies, and ever more control of the galaxy.

As they grow in power, all suspect that a grand final battle is approaching in the Rim—one that will determine whether the growing Rebellion will be crushed under the fist of the Empire, or if the spark of hope will burn down the established power structure and allow a new age to begin.

Fantasy Flight Games have announced the upcoming release of their second campaign expansion for Star Wars: Armada. Star Wars: Rebellion In The Rim will take two to six players on an epic campaign to the very edges of the known galaxy, where they must pledge their allegiance to the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance and fight for control. Only through careful battle tactics and sheer force of will can players scatter the enemy forces and prove themselves worthy of their faction!


Star Wars: Rebellion In The Rim includes twelve new campaign objective cards, and eleven new campaign objective cards. These open up a vast array of possibilities in exploration and gameplay for characters. With each new objective, players can tailor a new team and take on new challenges.


Unlike the base game, in Star Wars: Rebellion In The Rim fleets may be unequal in power. As you progress in battle, you have the chance to upgrade the power of your own fleet, eventually culminating in a grand, pivotal battle for dominance of the galaxy's farthest reaches!


Star Wars: Rebellion In The Rim will be released in Autumn 2019. Until then, you can check out the official announcement on Fantasy Flight Games' website for further information.

What expansion would you like to see for Star Wars: Armada? Tell us your ideas!

"A grand final battle is approaching in the Rim!"

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