Head Deep Into The Forbidden Jungle With Gamewright Soon

February 14, 2023 by brennon

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Gamewright are expanding their Forbidden series once again with a new entry in this cooperative series, Forbidden Jungle. This joins Forbidden Island, Desert and Sky as a great family game where time is against you!

Forbidden Jungle - Gamewright

Forbidden Jungle // Gamewright

Much like with the previous games in the Forbidden series, you and your friends find yourself in a strange location and have to work together to survive. You will need to search through ruins and watch out as the locations collapse and vanish around you. The twist with this one is that you'll also have to fend off venomous creatures that are hounding you at every step as you shift around tiles so that you can power up a portal and get home.

The Forbidden series is a blast to play and despite being touted as being for ages ten and up, that doesn't make the game a doddle! The higher difficulty levels can be pretty darn hard to beat and the added mechanics in Desert and Sky build nicely on the experience. I would still say that the classic Forbidden Island is one of the best games I've played despite its age!

Forbidden Series - Gamewright

Forbidden Series // Gamewright

If you're interested in learning more about the Forbidden series then you can check out Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Sky over on the Gamewright webstore. I am certainly eager to see what Matt Leacock's new mechanics add to the experience.

Are you going to be picking this up?

"I am certainly eager to see what Matt Leacock's new mechanics add to the experience..."

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