Fight For Freedom & Honour With Ares Games’ Cangaceiros

July 31, 2023 by brennon

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Inspired by Brazil during the late 1800s and the early 1900s, Cangaceiros by Roberto Pestrin has you playing as the heroic bandits that stood up to the status quo and the landowners known as the Coronéis. Fight for honour and freedom in this new bandit-based board game!

Cangaceiros - Ares Games

Cangaceiros // Ares Games

Cangaceiros is a competitive game where each player will take control of a gang that is looking to survive in the hostile desert whilst being hunted by the Volantes. Each group of bandits will be led by one of twenty chiefs that have their own unique abilities and characteristics that should make your games feel unique and different.

Cangaceiros - Cards - Ares Games

Cangaceiros - Cards // Ares Games

During gameplay, you'll manage a seven-card deck which allows you to collect resources, place your bandits in different regions to guard them and also take on the Volantes. You can also dive into assaults on the Volantes and their prison in Recife. All of this serves to earn you fame, train your leader and get new members for your gang.

Cangaceiros - Game Layout - Ares Games

Cangaceiros - Game Layout // Ares Games

The fame that you gather is what you use to win the game. Attacking the Volantes is a good way of doing this but you can also train your boss, help them achieve their goal and see if he can get to retirement rather than getting shot!

I have to admit, this period of history and the events that happened in Brazil during this time weren't known to me before seeing this game. However, I think this sounds like an absolutely awesome idea for a game and I like that you've got all of these various gangs seeking to stick it to the man whilst contending with everyone else looking to do the same thing. Also, Emiliano Mammucari has done an amazing job on the artwork for this game, bringing all of these characters to life and setting the scene perfectly.

Will you be having a look at Ares Games' Cangaceiros?

"I think this sounds like an absolutely awesome idea for a game..."

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